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Posted: August 9, 2013 in Rants

At times, it can seem a very strange construct – the thing that “friend” has become. One does not become friends with another person anymore. One “adds” them or “follows” them. The “partner”, the “spouse”, the “parent”, the “sibling”, the “child”. The “colleague”, the “mate”, the “comrade”, the “just a social acquaintance”.
A passer-by who gave you their flyer, “[How] do I even know you?” “… I think I was drunk”. Or a malicious system infiltration, Trojans at the city walls, borderline reality disorder.
What ho, dictionary Old-Joe-Hipster-year-two-thousand-and-thirteen? Give me something definitive, explanatory, download-able; Thumb, can I get to it on Waze®?
“A seasonal convenience” you say? Twit, twit, twit! So one goes through phases of having a “friend”?
Idealis, commoditatem quae apparet sed sparsim, just an irksome perennial nuisance?
Mere mental stimulae, modern day intellect’s non-mandatory imperative?
Why then, oh, Glossary le Tube? If it doesn’t have some sort of aesthetically pleasing avatar, some demented emoticonia, an anthropomorphism of binary data, without a hash-tag, unless it’s trending, it is clearly worthless.
“You know that we are living in a digital world And I am a digital girl”.

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