Meme Machine

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Reblogs & Links (i.e. other peoples' stuff)

“We don’t read: we skim, parse, bookmark, copy, paste, and forward. We become information hoarders and amateur archivists who frantically collect, store, and move artifacts that we’ll never interact with.”

Read the full article here:

  1. Suzanne Killmister says:

    I always feel pressure when I find an article or essay online. I must read this, I think, but, not now, I don’t have time just at the present. So I add yet another site to my favourites or I print it out to add to the two computer paper boxes full of other printed out articles, to delve into later. When is later? “Open Culture” sends me regular emails brimming over with fantastic online access for free to Leonardo’s notebooks, Bukowski reading his poetry, Orson Welles narrating something, film of Neil Young busking in Quebec eons ago, Mozart’s diaries. A cornucopia of the arts. Odd treasures. Jefferson Airplane waking up the neighbourhood playing on the roof. Bliss! Lindisfarne Gospels, the illuminated manuscripts, for god’s sake! Or listen to Seamus Heaney giving his Nobel Prize address. All very stressing. Anxiety levels soar. Time, time…..

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