A roadside market in Uttar Pradesh – Part V

Posted: February 11, 2014 in A roadside market in Uttar Pradesh, Short stories, starts & writing

“You cannot let her go, Yama. Do something!”
The door slammed and Chahaya turned, a pained look pinching her eyebrows together.
“Tell her no!”
He stood, looking at the door, arms hanging limply by his sides. The vibrato-buzz of the refrigerator in the kitchen was the only sound for a few moments before the front gate clanged shut outside. Bending slightly at the waist and leaning forward, arms crossed, Chahaya whispered hoarsely, “Yama, tell her.”

Tears were building in her eyes, opening wide and he met her stare. He let out a sigh.
“Please, Yama.”
“But it’s not for me to tell her ‘Yes go’ or ‘No’!” he suddenly growled, “She is not a little girl now.”
Her arms flew towards him, palms up, imploring, “But she is our daughter!” she wailed. “She is…”
Shaking his head and showing his open palms to her, he interrupted her, saying, “No, Chah’. She can decide for herself.”
He sat down on the settee. His voice now level and calm, he said, “We should not hold her back. We cannot.”


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