Regurgitator – Dirty Pop Fantasy

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Rants, Reviews & Ramblings
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Dirty Pop Fantasy

I decided long ago that commercial television and radio had a lot to answer for. Making us believe stuff that simply isn’t true, making us want [to buy] shit we really don’t need, telling us we should be interested in stuff that is really, really dumb!
Which perhaps helps explain why I have always loved Regurgitator.
Regurgitator have always pointed an accusatory finger at crass consumer-schlock, all things “commercial”, and the things that foster the repetitive banality and tedium responsible for mindless crap like Big Brother, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Australian Idol (not to mention the prejudice mentality of every backed-to-the-hilt-by-commercial-interests shock-jock and A Current Affair/Today Tonight spin-off in existence). Regurgitator have demonstrated time and again these past seventeen years (and counting), that they see through all that pop-schlock bullshit, that they’re experts at capturing and satirising the essence of what makes all of it so ridiculous. It also helps they can write damned catchy tunes! And Dirty Pop Fantasy has plenty of them! Apart from making me wonder if I don’t have ADHD, and whether I shouldn’t give more time to the likes of Celebrity Circus and Farmer Wants A Wife, this album makes me wonder whether Regurgitator haven’t once again just absolutely nailed the album-as-socio/political-commentary.
Dirty Pop Fantasy is the band’s eighth studio album and it comes with the proviso that this may be their last (front-man Quan Yeomans has announced a hiatus pending the birth of his first child). The band provides no clues though, if this is “goodbye” or just “goodbye for now”.
While aspects of Dirty Pop Fantasy feel like the sequel to SuperHappyFunTimeFriends, and that there’s definitely more to come, there can be no denying the definite “break-up” nature of some of the tracks on this album. Made To Break, while undoubtedly a commentary on the inbuilt obsolescence inherent in today’s manufacturing and marketing, also suggests things as fickle as pop bands are definitely not made to last. Likewise the dark, brooding pop of Mountains and the “fuck you” aesthetic of We Love You! (“We know what you want, but we’re not gonna give it to you.”)
But then there are amazing pastiche regurgitations such as the R&B Can’t Stop, with amazing lines like “There’s something about you girl, exploding kittens in my heart,” and My Little Terrorist, which give no suggestion whatsoever that this is the end. More that this is simply Regurgitator at their lyrical best. To quote Doug Wallen’s excellent review on Mess & Noise, this album is “more pop and more meta than ever”.
I like to think that Regurgitator will be back. (I’d also like to think I don’t have ADHD… Oh, look! Something shiny!)

But for some reason, the cheesy nature of the final track, Fantasyland , leaves me with the dirty pop feeling that it could be a very, very long wait until we hear from these guys again. I hope not!

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