Music That Made My Life (Part 3)

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Music That Made My Life, Short stories, starts & writing

8. Regurgitator – Track 1

Regurgitator are just about my all-time favourite band ever and I think they’re the band I’ve seen the most times live. There are a lot of Regurgitator songs that could (and possibly still might) make this list, but Track 1, from the New EP holds many, many memories for me.

Regurgitator’s single, Couldn’t Do It, had already struck a big, big chord when I’d heard it on Triple J back in early 1995. I went out and bought their self-titled EP as soon as I could after it came out. My neighbour, my kind-of-but-not-quite-just-yet-girlfriend at the time (she of the mix-tape mentioned earlier. We weren’t an item yet, but we were both pretty keen on each other (not that we dared say anything!) even though we told ourselves we were just friends) and I went to an all-ages show at The Arena, in Geelong. Called Weedfest in honour of the headline band, Tumbleweed (their album Galactaphonic (another big, big album in my life) had just been released… Hang Around was great!), the day-long gig had featured sets by a number of other great bands: Incursion (a personal favourite, I fucking love Afterglow), Spiderbait, Tumbleweed, The Cosmic Psychos, to name but a few. And, of course, Regurgitator.
I vaguely recall them playing Couldn’t Do It and mentioning they were playing some new stuff, but I don’t remember any other songs. Mostly my memories of their set are that it was maniacal, sweaty, and very, very fun. I also remember Lenny from Tumbleweed dancing and I also remember a guy I knew from Bendigo drunkenly (he’d been drinking goon in the car-park) climbing up on stage during Spiderbait’s set and accidentally pulling out the chord of the bass-player’s guitar mid-song.

That night, after the gig, we stayed the night at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.
The three of us, my neighbour, my kind-of-but-not-quite-just-yet-girlfriend in a room with only two beds – a single and a double. No way known my neighbour would be caught dead sharing a bed with another male and no-one was all that comfortable with the idea of my neighbour and my kind-of-but-not-quite-just-yet-girlfriend sharing a bed (because, well, she was my kind-of-but-not-quite-just-yet-girlfriend). So I spent an extremely awkward and uncomfortable night lying back-to-back in a double bed with my kind-of-but-not-quite-just-yet-girlfriend, neither of us daring to move an inch lest we do something outrageously forward like… Oh my God! Touch or something!…

Anyway, a month after Weedfest, Regurgitator released the New EP (which I wasted no time in getting my grubby little hands on) and Track 1 became an instant favourite.
With lyrics that really, really gave it to the kind of bullshit commercial pop garbage I’d been so enthralled with just a few years earlier, the song spoke to me of the anxieties and pressures of conforming to that culture of commercialisation (both as an artist and as a consumer), and the realisation that it might just be possible that I wasn’t the only one that had experienced this kind of internal conflict… Well, I couldn’t help but be hooked.

Please stay tuned for Part 4…

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