I done gone an’ punched him – Part II

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Short stories, starts & writing

‘Twas ne’er a fight Young Bartram should ever ha’ got his-self into.
But there he found his-self.
I ne’er could tell how it didn’t seem a reasonable bargain to the man, bein’ in his position n’ all.
Myself? Why, I take that money an’ go an’ run. Tha’s wha’ I’da gone done. Note been no chancer I’da been ‘round fo’ no proposition ah-no beatin’ inner firs’ place! Yes, sir!

Hell, man wants to stand up to evil murderous sons-a-bitch like Vale? He just askin’ fo’ a ticket west! Lucky if tha’ crazy fool get out alive wi’ just a beatin’! Lucky that fool get out alive, period!

Main street

I seen Young Bartram inner street talkin’ to that Peech feller an’ some other punkins and I know Peech tryin’ to get Bartram to go sign that contract. Ain’t nobody this sider Minneapolis don’t know Vale wanna get hi’ hands on that land.
But Young Bartram just goes on shakin’ his head.
Then Peech stepped up close an’ said some words right in Young Bartram’s ear an’ then he an’ them punkins turned an’ walked away.
Tha’s when I know, right then, Bartram’s number were up.
No chancer him comin’ off pretty standin’ up to that evil Vale like that.

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