I done gone an’ punched him – Part III

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Short stories, starts & writing

When Moses came home from Cripple Creek, gee whiz, he was in some spankin’ new kicks. We all thought he’d died somewhere down south, but he said he’d made his fortune out there in Colorado. Well, he came in flippin’ silver simoleons left and right. Been home less than a day and he plunked down for a new kitchen range for Mama and told her to fix us up for a Sunday feast. Told her to go see Mister Jones, said to tell him Moses sent her, he’d fix us up with somethin’ nice.

Mama went out the next day and bought herself a new dress with money from Moses, and then she went shoppin’ for the Sunday feast. Mister Jones saw her comin’ and asked her how Moses was. Said he was glad to hear Moses was sharing his wealth. Mama told him she wanted somethin’ nice for Moses’ home-comin’, and Mister Jones grinned. Said he had somethin’ real special in mind for Moses, and skunked her out of ten dollars for something he convinced her was called a “Peking duck”. Only it wasn’t a duck. Just a scrawny old rooster with stripes painted on its carcass with printer’s ink.

Peking duck

She was pretty happy with herself and made a big song’n’dance in fronter Moses, made us all wait outside while she prepared the duck. She cooked it up in that beat up old roastin’ dish and set it, steamin’, on the table to rest with it’s legs straight up.
Then Mama yelled out and we kids all come rushin’ in with our plates and cups, ready for the Sunday feast. We had to shoo two of the cats offer the table, who’d been lickin’ and bitin’ at the duck’s nether-regions, one of them clatterin’ a plate outer Essie’s hand and on to the floor. And when Moses came in to hush the commotion and saw them roosters feet stickin’ up insteader two webbed ones, and the inky black stripes, he looked real sore. He made a kinder growl deep down in his throat, but all he said was, “Well, that takes the cake, don’t it?” and then he walked out, punchin’ his fist almost through his hat as he went. None of us knew what he meant and Mama had tears in her eyes when we asked her and just said Moses was a hard nut to crack.
He’d only been home four days when he left. We never saw Moses again.

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