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For more than a month that horizontal plane, the cold, hard iron blade of the sea, has scythed around this lonely spite-filled ship, the Meeuwtje, the Seagull. Our only constant: that unwavering edge. If only we would come to it and tumble off into the void.
I am consumed with the vilest thoughts; acidic loathing, a derision that stoops my shoulders. This sinful, wind-blown bastard-mongrel pack with whom I share this stinking pile of creaking timber, rope and sailcloth!
There is little conversation. Whispers and mutterings as the men go about their labour. Occasional commands bellowed by the Captain; more an attempt at maintaining a semblance of normality than through necessity. I am spared his half-hearted wrath. As a paying passenger, a guest of the V.O.C., I was never expected to assist in the physical aspects of sailing, only to stay out of the way. He also knows I think he should be thrown overboard with the rest, with stones tied to his feet. (more…)