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I’m bumping this one after a certain Snuffleupagus once again went missing in transit.


We’re the last ones off the plane.
If you’re not the first in line then why rush to be part of the queuing crowd?
Besides, we have just so many bags to deal with. Easier to let the frantic hordes go by so we don’t feel like we’re being pushed.

Entrusting each child with a suitcase to wheel out, each adult is loaded up with a backpack (well over the carry-on weight limit) and laptop satchel (ditto) before we head down the aisle and try to prepare ourselves for the steamy fug and fumes that await us just outside the Arrivals gate.
Keep the kids focused and suitcases on course, try to stop them from crashing into things and running over peoples’ toes and half way to Customs and Immigration we discover we have a missing soft toy. “Doggy” has been left on the plane.
I about-face. Head back to the plane.