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This was going to be a review of Morning Phase, the ninth studio album by the artist, Beck. But in order to review Morning Phase, I realised I probably have to talk about Beyoncé Knowle’s most recent release, Beyoncé, as well.
Let me say straight up that I am not and never have been a fan of Beyoncé Knowles. I kind of liked her song Crazy In Love, and the trashy and titillating cliché of a film-clip that accompanied it, but none of her music has ever been in my music collection. I also think Kanye West is a massive douche, which probably tells you which direction this review is going, but more on that later.

The view down to smoggy Bandung during my jog this morning.

The view down to smoggy Bandung during my jog this morning.

After car after bus after car after truck. After this my lungs will be so fucked up!

This song got me home on my jog through the hills of Cipaku this morning, my own personal film clip. It seemed to match my mood and the setting I was in quite well.
Hazy, smoky, grey and smoggy, jogging past where all of Cipaku’s rubbish is piled, set alight to send more clouds of toxic smoke into the air.
Past all the fancy new townhouses and mansions under construction up near Jalan Bukit Idaman.
It won’t be long until it’s transformed from a relatively pleasant place to exercise – vacant grassy lots and empty roads – to just another patch of suburbia, full of McMansions and hundreds of good little SUV-driving consumers. And I am doing nothing to help this situation.

Although, I don’t have an SUV…

I only have vague memories of the Challenger disaster. I have very clear memories of being haunted by it though.
This track, along with the archival footage – watching the final moments of the seven astronauts – gives me serious goosebumps. I find it both disturbingly morbid and fascinatingly beautiful all at the same time.

It would appear Seekae are fond of disturbingly morbid film clips though. If you dare, watch this.