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8. Regurgitator – Track 1

Regurgitator are just about my all-time favourite band ever and I think they’re the band I’ve seen the most times live. There are a lot of Regurgitator songs that could (and possibly still might) make this list, but Track 1, from the New EP holds many, many memories for me.


7. Singles – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

And then came grunge! On the strength of the album Ten I got a copy of the soundtrack to the film Singles (I hadn’t seen the film yet, but I was already a big Pearl Jam fan). Singles helped to open my eyes and ears to other bands and music and stuff I could scarcely have dreamt of.
From that opening bass-line in Alice In Chains’ Would? to the last fading scream of hallucinogenic feedback in The Smashing Pumpkins’ Drown, the music on that album was captivating, has always been.


*Thanks to raishimi33 for providing the inspiration to write this post.

The following is a brief history of the music that moved and affected me during the early part of my life – from my earliest memories up until my “musical awakening”, as it were, at about the age of 15 or 16. All of this music has been hugely influential and helped shape the path I’ve taken in life. It influenced me in a number of decisions I made during my adolescent years (not all of them good) and, of course, it has granted me the privilege of an endless source of stimulus, entertainment, and inspiration.
Each of these songs is synonymous with or evokes vivid memories of particular periods or events in my life.


This song got me home on my jog through the hills of Cipaku this morning, my own personal film clip. It seemed to match my mood and the setting I was in quite well.
Hazy, smoky, grey and smoggy, jogging past where all of Cipaku’s rubbish is piled, set alight to send more clouds of toxic smoke into the air.
Past all the fancy new townhouses and mansions under construction up near Jalan Bukit Idaman.
It won’t be long until it’s transformed from a relatively pleasant place to exercise – vacant grassy lots and empty roads – to just another patch of suburbia, full of McMansions and hundreds of good little SUV-driving consumers. And I am doing nothing to help this situation.

Although, I don’t have an SUV…

I only have vague memories of the Challenger disaster. I have very clear memories of being haunted by it though.
This track, along with the archival footage – watching the final moments of the seven astronauts – gives me serious goosebumps. I find it both disturbingly morbid and fascinatingly beautiful all at the same time.

It would appear Seekae are fond of disturbingly morbid film clips though. If you dare, watch this.

Dirty Pop Fantasy

I decided long ago that commercial television and radio had a lot to answer for. Making us believe stuff that simply isn’t true, making us want [to buy] shit we really don’t need, telling us we should be interested in stuff that is really, really dumb!
Which perhaps helps explain why I have always loved Regurgitator.